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Bookstorm™: Little Cat’s Luck


Little Cat's Luck

Little Cat's LuckMany people love cats. You might be one of them. Many children consider their cat or their dog to be one of the family. Marion Dane Bauer understands that. She wrote Little Cat’s Luck, the story of Patches, a cat, and Gus, the meanest dog in town, out of her deep affinity for both cats and dogs. You can tell. These are real animals who have adventures, challenges, and feelings that readers will avidly follow … and understand. Written as a novel-in-verse with charming use of concrete poetry, Little Cat’s Luck is a book that will interest both avid readers and those still gaining confidence.

We are pleased to feature Little Cat’s Luck as our March book selection, written by the perceptive Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by the playful Jennifer A. Bell, storytellers both.

In each Bookstorm™, we offer a bibliography of books that have close ties to the the featured book. You’ll find books for a variety of tastes and interests. This month, we’re focusing on books for primary grade readers. We’ve included some books for adults with background information about cats, information texts, narrative nonfiction, and plenty of memorable cat characters. 




Don’t miss the exceptional resources on the author’s website. There’s a book trailer, a social-emotional learning guide, and a teaching guide that you’ll find useful as you incorporate this book into your planning.


Memorable Cat Characters. You may know and love these books but have your readers been introduced to Macavity, Pete the Cat, the Cat in the Hat, Atticus McClaw? From picture books to early readers to middle grade novels, there’s a wide range of books here for every taste.

Friendship. There have been excellent books published about animals who are friends, many you wouldn’t expect, both as fictional stories and true stories.

Smart Animals. Do you know the true story of Alex the Parrot? Or how smart an octopus is? Do you know what animals think and feel? There are books here that will amaze you and deepen your appreciation for animals and birds.

Caring for Animals. These fictional books are good discussion starters for the responsibility of having an animal pet, especially a cat. 

Spirit of Adventure. Animal adventures have been favorites ever since Jack London published Call of the Wild. These are some of the best stories, just like Little Cat’s Luck and Little Dog, Lost.

Animal Mothers and Their Offspring. How do animals care for their young? We’ve included a couple of books that will fascinate young readers.

The Truth about Cats. From The Cat Encyclopedia to How to Speak Cat, these are information texts filled with facts. Good choices for your students’ book bins.

Best of all? There are so many good books about cats!

Let us know how you are making use of this Bookstorm™. Share your ideas and any other books you’d add to this Bookstorm™.


Bookstorm™: Princess Posey


Princess Posey Bookmap

Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy VacationThere have been many papers written about why children, teens, and adults like to read books that are published as part of a series. From The Bobbsey Twins to Nancy Drew to the Boxcar Children to Encylopedia Brown to Goosebumps to The Babysitters Club to Redwall to Warriors (drawing in a long breath) … okay, you get the idea. These books are popular. We like reading about characters who are familiar to us in settings that we feel we could walk through. Sometimes they’re involved in stories that we might feel are predictable, but that’s been found to be part of the charm.

This month, we are pleased to feature Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation, written by Stephanie Greene and illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson. The tenth book in their series, this one follows our favorite first-grader, she who wears a pink tutu for confidence, through spring vacation, a staycation replete with unanticipated adventure. Full of gentle humor and situations your own kids this age will find familiar, Posey has good friends, helpful adults, and a developing sense of self to rely on for a satisfying story in each volume.

In each Bookstorm™, we offer a bibliography of books that have close ties to the the featured book. For Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation, you’ll find books for a variety of tastes and interests. This month, we’re focusing on books for this particular age group, a little younger, a little older, but primarily picture books, easy readers, and early chapter books. 





Bicycles. Learning to ride a bicycle, being afraid of it, and then overcoming that fear, is one of the storylines for Posey this time around. We’ve suggested other books about bicycles.

Courage. Trying unfamiliar activities and foods, meeting new people, all of these take courage. Talk about these books with your family or classroom or storytime group. Start the conversation about stepping outside our comfort zones.

Doing Nothing. Sometimes vacations—and life—are fully programmed. No chance to be bored. We’ve listed a few books that revel in kicking back and letting imagination take over.

Early Readers for and About First and Second Grade. Long subtitle, but books that are fun to read. We’ve even included a joke book!

Frogs. Yes, there’s a frog among the characters in Posey’s vacation so you’ll find a few more frog books to read out loud.

Missing Mom. Because the series takes place during first grade, Posey frequently examines her feelings about missing her mother while she’s at school. She has a younger brother and a caring grandfather, but it’s that mom connection that the Stephanies handle so well. 

Sleep-Overs. Has your child been on their first sleep-over yet? There’s almost as much anxiety as there is in going to school! An unfamiliar house and staying up past bedtime … here are a few more books to read.

Teeth. How much can happen during one spring vacation? Well, Posey has a loose tooth. Here are some books about that tooth-losing experience, including one of our favorites, Throw Your Tooth On the Roof.

Tutus. Posey’s pink tutu is one of her trademarks. When she first sets off for school, she won’t leave home without it.

Vacations. What will we do on vacation? Kids can be simultaneously excited and fearful about leaving home for this length of time, venturing to an unknown place. A little reading about other kids’ vacations will help.

Let us know how you are making use of this Bookstorm™. Share your ideas and any other books you’d add to this Bookstorm™.

Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh


There are a lot of “challenges” happening in the social media sphere these days—books, ice buckets, kindness, gratitude, etc. All great things—perhaps one of the better uses for social media even, though it doesn’t quite beat out birthday greetings and first-day-of-school pictures, in my book. Last week, a good friend and fellow reader “challenged” me […]


The Borrowers (audio book)

One of the first books we listened to in the car was Mary Norton’s The Borrowers. We had one child and he was very small. But he’d been well-trained on audio books. He fell asleep to The Velveteen Rabbit (Meryl Streep and George Winston) or Winnie-the-Pooh (The BBC version) every night. So we popped in […]


Pulling Radishes, Thinking About Books

In the garden this week I am pulling radishes. Weeds, too, and maybe that’s why I appreciate the small, crisp, spicy little radishes. Pulling those rosy red globes out of the black dirt makes me think of one of my favorite books from childhood: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.  I have especially vivid memories of my third grade […]


My Son’s First Book

Seventeen years ago today, I became a mother. My water broke in the middle of the night and I called my husband, who was working the night shift, to come and get me. It was time. I was ready. More than ready. I had a bag packed with slippers and the new bathrobe my mother […]