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I Will Dance
Dance Par­ty
Dance has many per­son­al­i­ties and appeals to a myr­i­ad of peo­ple. Here are some excep­tion­al books for very young read­ers through teens (and adults, too).
Garvey in the Dark
Gar­vey in the Dark
With her usu­al pos­i­tive and hope­ful sto­ry­telling, Nik­ki Grimes reminds us that lives changed dur­ing the Covid pan­dem­ic, affect­ing many peo­ple in many dif­fer­ent ways. Gar­vey’s sto­ry will res­onate deeply with read­ers of all ages.
Blueberry Crumble
Mushy Bot­tom Blue­ber­ry Crumble
A new recipe is always an adven­ture. I’ve recent­ly exper­i­ment­ed with low car­bo­hy­drate, low sug­ar recipes. Start­ing a new writ­ing project is just as much an exper­i­ment. Each book requires a dif­fer­ent look at research, and I build on what I’ve learned with oth­er projects.
Trout Are Made of Trees
Shar­ing Won­der: April Pul­ley Sayre
We have been think­ing about won­der — about the fas­ci­na­tion we have for the beau­ty, the intri­ca­cy, the mys­tery of the work­ings of the nat­ur­al world.
J.S. Puller
Super­heroes and Lost Things
The titles of J.S. Puller’s first two books intrigued me so much that I imme­di­ate­ly checked them out of the library. Once I fin­ished them, I asked her for an interview.
We Belong
We Belong
I’ve seen many ques­tions on social media, ask­ing which books teach­ers will read aloud to their class­room dur­ing the first week of school. I don’t teach in a class­room but I’ve thought about this ques­tion anyway.
Hero for the Hungry
Hero for the Hungry
So many young read­ers are activists already. How can they help becom­ing Hunger activists after read­ing this book?
When I Was a Wild Pony
The title of this essay comes from a dream I had last night, its mem­o­ry and mean­ing caught between mys­te­ri­ous dream­time and awak­en­ing in this harsh end-of-sum­mer world. I was nev­er a wild pony. 
An Alphabet City
Abecedaria, Part 1
Tra­di­tion­al­ly, alpha­bet books, or abecedaria, serve as begin­ning lit­er­a­cy instruc­tion for babies and young chil­dren to pro­mote let­ter, sound, and word devel­op­ment. But, greater poten­tial than instruc­tion exists in this form of pic­ture books.
Find­ing Peace through Reflec­tion, Art, Sto­ry, and High­er Ground for Our­selves and Our Children
In this arti­cle, we explore find­ing peace with­in. How can we shift our hearts and minds towards peace? How can we help the chil­dren in our class­rooms do the same? What books, both for chil­dren and adults, can sup­port our efforts?
A Literary Bathroom
A Lit­er­ary Bathroom
And then came the time to choose a theme for the bath­room. We got the fam­i­ly togeth­er so every­one could have their say. And people…I’m so proud! Our off­spring sug­gest­ed a lit­er­ary-themed bathroom! 
Shirley Chisholm Dared
Cel­e­brat­ing Black Women in the U.S.
We feel called this month to cel­e­brate the many accom­plish­ments of Black women in this coun­try — some of whom are his­tor­i­cal icons, too many of whom we have we have nev­er heard of.
A Park Connects Us
How Parks Con­nect Us
… and Why It Matters
Spring is in the air, and we’re pulled out­doors to wan­der in our favorite city parks. Ducks are dab­bling; frogs are trilling; the apple trees are burst­ing into bloom. Every­where, it seems, chil­dren frol­ic and neigh­bors wave. It’s been a long win­ter, but our cities are alive.

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