Book Memories

Maurna Rome
My first mem­o­ry of falling in love with books takes me way back to the ten­der age of five. The lit­tle “Gold­en Book Gold­en Hours Library Clock House” that I received for Christ­mas that year helped me become the pas­sion­ate read­er I am today. I cher­ished the col­lec­tion of twelve lit­tle books and one in par­tic­u­lar was extra spe­cial; The Four Pup­pies.… more

Skinny Dip with Maurna Rome

Skinny Dipping
What keeps you up at night? My mad dash attempts to finish a video, write an article, apply for a grant, or get to the last page of a terrific book often keep me up at night.  What is your proudest career moment? My proudest career moment changes each year as I discover the unique talents of a new bunch of students.… more

Skinny Dip with Elizabeth Verdick

Skinny Dipping
What keeps you up at night? Reading much, much too late! What is your proudest career moment? In 2005 I won the Henry Bergh Award, which honors books that recognize the need to treat animals with kindness and caring (for my book Tails Are Not for Pulling). I got to stand on a stage in New Orleans with Norman Bridwell, author/illustrator of the Clifford books.… more