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Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer

Charles Gigna

Charles Ghigna (photo: Scott Pierce)

This month Charles Ghigna, well-known as the poet Father Goose, offers “Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer.” There is much to ponder here, no matter what your age might be, but young writers especially will find these words of encouragement to be useful and inspirational. For example:

your instincts
to write.

your reasons
not to.

How many times do you tell yourself you shouldn’t be writing poetry? When that’s what you really want to do?

Enjoy these poems and take them to heart: you, too, are a poet.

Do you teach children to write poetry? The stanzas of “Dear Poet” are short gems that will give you and your students good ideas for discussions.

Charles is a prolific poet, publishing books for children, teens, and adults, who lives and writes in Alabama. Here are some of his recent titles.

Charles Ghigna Books


One Response to Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer

  1. Charles Ghigna - Father Goose® June 7, 2016 at 6:10 pm #

    Thanks, Vicki! Appreciate it.

    Two new books coming out this Fall 2016.

    This one from Time Inc & Animal Planet

    And this one from Orca


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