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Louis Armstrong’s Red Beans and Rice

A Cajun-inspired favorite recipe from jazz musician Louis Armstrong, this is a perfect accompaniment to your reading of Jazz Day by Roxane Orgill.

Louis and Lucille Armstrong's Red Beans and Rice
Serves 8
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Total Time
6 hr
Total Time
6 hr
  1. 1 pound kidney beans
  2. 1/2 pound salt pork (strip of lean, strip of fat)
  3. 1 small can of tomato sauce (if desired)
  4. 6 small ham hocks or 1 smoked
  5. pork butt
  6. 2 onions, diced
  7. 1/4 green bell pepper
  8. 5 tiny or 2 medium dried peppers
  9. 1 clove garlic, chopped
  10. Salt, to taste
  1. Wash beans thoroughly, then soak overnight in cold water. Be sure to cover beans. To cook, pour off water and add fresh water to cover. Add salt pork and bring to a boil in covered pot. Turn flame down to slightly higher than low and cook one and a half hours. Add onions, peppers, garlic and salt. Cook three hours. Add tomato sauce and cook an hour and a half more, adding water as necessary. Beans and meat should always be covered with liquid.
  2. To prepare with ham hocks or pork butt, wash meat, add water to cover and bring to boil in covered pot over medium flame. Cook one and a half hours. Add beans (pour water off) and rest of ingredients to meat. Cook four and a half hours. Add water as necessary.
  3. Serve over or beside rice.
Adapted from Louis Armstrong House Museum
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