Skinny Dip with Steve Mudd

bk_tangledwebWhat’s your favorite holiday tradition?

A Christmas tree!

Were you a teacher’s pet or teacher’s challenge?

Sadly, pet.

What’s the first book report you ever wrote?

bk-ShaneThe first one I can remember that made an impression on me was an oral report on Shane (with which the teacher, one of my favorites, was not overly impressed).

Do you like to gift wrap presents?

When I have the time and resources, indeed.

What do you wish you could tell your 10-year old self?

Quit worrying so much and enjoy life more.

What 3 children’s book authors or illustrators or editors would you like to invite to dinner?

Eleanor Cameron, for children’s authors. In addition, Ray Bradbury and Roger Zelazny. And Andre Norton.

Where’s your favorite place to read?

A rocking chair or a recliner in my living room.


2 Responses to Skinny Dip with Steve Mudd

  1. David LaRochelle November 6, 2015 at 4:43 pm #

    Is that your stained glass on the Bookol­o­gy page, Sparky? It’s gor­geous! I was also a huge fan of Eleanor Cameron’s “Mush­room Plan­et” books. Think­ing about them brings me right back to being eleven years old again!

    • Steve Mudd November 11, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

      David: Yes, it’s one of our (Car­ol and I = Gem­i­ni Glass) win­dows. I’ve been afraid to reread them for fear the mag­ic would not sur­vive my 60+ years of life expe­ri­ence. On a side note, do you remem­ber a book that prob­a­bly came out in the ear­ly 50s about a stegosaurus that wan­ders out of the black hills/badlands and meets a young boy and then, at the end, wan­ders back into the wilds?

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