Stories to Cluck About

Chickens on the Loose
Why do we love chicken stories so much? Perhaps it’s because chickens are approachable heroes in stories that we can learn from or laugh with. It is our feeling that we can never have enough chicken stories. Chickens can also be where we find whimsy or better versions of ourselves.

Tucked In for the Winter

Sleep Tight Farm
Every detail in this book is heart­warm­ing. You know that the author and the illus­tra­tor and the book’s pub­lish­ing team put a lot of love and respect into bring­ing this sto­ry to readers. From the moment you see the open­ing end papers, a for­est and pas­ture ablaze with fall col­or, until you dis­cov­er the clos­ing end papers, that same for­est with the snowy skele­tons of those trees, you sense the care within.… more