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Irresistible Reading: How Things Work

How Things WorkNow, if that Science Encyclopedia wasn’t cool enough, here’s another sure-fire hit for kids who love to read facts, true stories, and know how things work.

In fact, the book is called How Things Work and it’s another powerhouse from National Geographic.

As the book admonishes, “PUT THIS BOOK DOWN NOW. It’s dangerous. It might make you think you can do impossible things.” Followed closely by “You must be one of those. The kind of kid who thinks ‘just because’ isn’t a real answer.”

Do you know one of those kids? Endless questions? On the trail for the real story? Wondering all the time? Lucky you. Lucky them if you give them this book.

How do hoverboards work? This comes with a “Try This!” that encourages experimenting with the attraction and repelling of magnets.

How do microwaves work? There are infographics, fun facts, diagrams, another Try This with ice cubes, Myth vs. Fact, a short biography of Percy Spencer whose melting peanut cluster bar sparked his imagination … and it’s all terribly exciting.

The visuals that accompany every fact in this book, the layout, the colors, all of this put together makes me want to devour this book. There are so many cool things explained that it makes me breathless.

Don’t you want the kid in your life to feel the same way about learning?

How Things Work
T.J. Resler
National Geographic, 2016
ISBN 978-1426325557, $19.99

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