Skinny Dip with Roxanne Orgill

bk_mahaliaWhat keeps you up at night?

Thoughts of my two chil­dren: their school issues, health prob­lems, things they said or didn’t say. What calms me and gets me to sleep, per­haps odd­ly, is to think about the book I’m writ­ing at the moment. I can think about parts of it I like, what I’ll write next, and even prob­lems whose solu­tions are right then, any­way, out of my grasp, and drift off, con­tent.

What is your proud­est career moment?

bk_ShoutSisterBeing at the New York Pub­lic Library pre­sen­ta­tion of its Best Books for the Teen Age with two books: Mahalia, a biog­ra­phy of the gospel singer Mahalia Jack­son, and Shout, Sis­ter, Shout! Ten Girl Singers Who Shaped a Cen­tu­ry.

Describe your favorite pair of paja­mas ever.

Laven­der cot­ton short pjs, a gift from my grand­moth­er, who had a bath­room all in laven­der (tow­els and rugs and smelling of laven­der soap and sachets), which I enjoyed.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Rais­ing (and not giv­ing up on, not for a minute) a teen with men­tal ill­ness.

bk_footworkWhat’s the first book you remem­ber read­ing?

I’m afraid the first book(s) I remem­ber read­ing are the Dick and Jane books, and not with any fond­ness, in first grade. But the first book I remem­ber falling in love with is Pip­pi Long­stock­ing.

 What TV show can’t you turn off?

The Good Wife. Real­ly good writ­ing, and Juliana Mar­gulies is too good not to watch to the end.

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  1. David LaRochelle December 24, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    Your biogra­phies look fas­ci­nat­ing, Rox­anne!

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