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Wolf Sighting


Our house in the Rocky Mountains. This is a photo, even though it looks like a painting. And that’s our dog McKinley, not a wolf. He’s no longer with us but he was the inspiration for The Good Dog.

It is not often that I get a call such as I just did. The call came Larry McCoy, who holds a doctorate in theology, and teaches philosophy at the Steamboat, Colorado Community College. He also builds log houses and has a dog named “Helen.” That’s the way folks are here in Routt County.  He is one of our near neighbors, living about a mile and a half away.

Now my wife and I live on a high ridge (9500 feet up) right on the edge of Rout National Forest. We own forty-five acres, which may seem like a lot if you do not live in Colorado. In fact, while the deed says we own this land, we do nothing with it, save live on it (in a log house) and wander about on snowshoes, or look at the wildflowers. Season depending.

Now the fact that we live on the edge of the national forest might explain what happened and why Larry called me.

“Avi,” said Larry, “I just thought you’d want to know that there have been three sightings—including by me—of a wolf on your land. I saw him, or her, down by your pond.”

In the fifteen or so years that we have lived here, no such sightings in all of Colorado has been reported. And this wolf was a few yards from our home.

Rocky Mountains view

the view from our front window

Something to be frightened about? No. There is NO recorded account of a wolf ever attacking people. Cattle is a whole different question. 

Where did he/she come from? There are wolves to the far north of us, in Wyoming, at Yellowstone National Park. There is plenty of forest between us and that spot. Maybe he came from thataway.

But why?

Is he/she part of a pack? Wolves are intensely social creatures, with fascinating family existences.

A lone wolf?

An old wolf? A youngster seeking new territory?

Not likely we’ll ever know. Or maybe never even see the creature.

But as my wife said, “Oh, Avi!  Our own wolf!  I’ve always wanted that!” 

She really said that, which was news to me.

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