Meow! The Truth about Cats

Meow The Truth about CatsI have a love / dis­like rela­tion­ship with cats. I’ve always want­ed to make a home for a cat, have a cat to cud­dle up with, and yet I’ve had some bad run-ins with cats, result­ing in deep scratch­es, hurt feel­ings, and fear. If some­one had hand­ed me this book after that first inci­dent walk­ing home from school … well, I think I would have under­stood cats better.

This book is quite sim­ply gor­geous. When I fin­ished pay­ing atten­tion to all the infor­ma­tion in the text (short bites, per­fect for chal­lenged read­ers), absorb­ing all the spot-on pho­tographs, the charts, the explana­to­ry visu­als, and laugh­ing at the illus­tra­tions … I had learned a lot and I was over the moon about the lay­out of the book. It’s an experience!

So well designed. Visu­al­ly ener­giz­ing. A bright col­or palette.

But it’s the infor­ma­tion that blew me away. “What good are whiskers?” “Why do cats puff their tails?” “How do cats land on their paws?” We’ve always want­ed to know the answers, right?

illus­tra­tion from Meow! The Truth about Cats, by Annette Whip­ple, Rey­craft Books, 2022

This book will be enjoyed at school, in the library, and at home. And for peo­ple who love cats, this is a must-have. Read it to your cat.


High­ly recommended.

Meow! The Truth about Cats
writ­ten by Annette Whip­ple
illus­tra­tions by Juan­bjuan Oliv­er
Rey­craft Books, 2022
ISBN 978 – 1478879572
sug­gest­ed for ages 8 to 12

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Heidi Hammond
Heidi Hammond
11 months ago

Thanks for the rec­om­men­da­tion, Vic­ki! I will request this from my library so I can bet­ter under­stand my sil­ly cat.

Pat Bauer
Pat Bauer
10 months ago

Sounds purrr­fect for our cat-lov­ing grand­chil­dren, one of whom has a birth­day soon! Thanks so much!

Pat Bauer
Pat Bauer
Reply to  Pat Bauer
10 months ago

Just ordered it from The Red Balloon!