Robert Topp

Robert Topp
Robert Topp in the record­ing studio

We wel­come Robert Topp, own­er of The Her­mitage Book­shop in Den­ver, Col­orado, and read­er-aloud extra­or­di­naire, vol­un­teer­ing in the pub­lic schools for more than 28 years. As the founder of Read Me a Sto­ry, Ink, he has pro­vid­ed a fab­u­lous resource for par­ents and teach­ers who would love to read out loud but need a lit­tle help in find­ing the next sto­ry or book to share. Search­able, with many print­able and down­load­able selec­tions, more than 60 audio record­ings of sto­ries read by Robert Topp, and lists galore, this is a trea­sure trove of great ideas you’ll turn to again and again. When Bob isn’t at the book­store or read­ing in the schools, you can find him at the fam­i­ly farm, Topp Fruits, a cer­ti­fied organ­ic orchard pro­vid­ing nutri­ent-dense food to Col­orado. We asked Bob to share his answers to our Skin­ny Dip questions. 

One green thing I wish everyone would do:

Boycott plastics, especially bags, straws, and to-go containers.

The Big Orange SplotThe book I wish everyone would read:

Daniel Pinkwater’s The Big Orange Splot

The best way to stay fit:

Workouts at the gym four days per week.

My philosophy:

After reading aloud I always have my students hold up three fingers for the three things you should do every day of your life: something good for your body; something good for your mind; something good for the world.

Proudest moment in my career:

Receiving the Everyday Hero award from Channel 7 for reading aloud in the public schools.


I never thought I would:

Own a bookstore for 48 years.

I don’t believe in:


The movie I watch when I want to laugh:


I’m currently reading:

Gouverneur Morris: An Independent Life by William Adams and Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Volume 6.

Gouvernor Morris
Young Explorer's Adventure Guide

What’s on my nightstand:

Books, books, books

My hero is:


My favorite holiday tradition:

Cooking as a family on Thanksgiving

The piece of clothing in my closet I can’t let go:

A t-shirt purchased at the time of my older son's birth (34 years ago) that reads, "If you love me, read me a story."

Topp and Nemer
Tak­ing a break at Topp Fruits, Robert Topp and Raule Nemer
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David LaRochelle
2 years ago

What a good philosophy!