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Writing Road Trip

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When I visited Los Angeles not long after the 1992 riots, a home-town writer told me a story that made me feel what it was like to live there in those uncertain times. His drive home passed a large police station. He was always on alert as he drove by; everyone thought there could be […]

Writing Road Trip by Lisa Bullard | Bookology Magazine

Fitting in with the Locals

The way we talk can be a dead giveaway that we’re from elsewhere—Google the phrase “pop vs. soda,” and you’ll find color-coded maps that divide the country like election night results.

Lisa Bullard

Driving After Dark

As an elementary school kid, my most vivid recurrent dream featured a road trip. In it, I’m in the driver’s seat, although it’s the car that’s in control. My two-years-younger brother and our two best neighborhood friends are also along for the ride. We are on a straight stretch of the two-lane highway that leads […]

Lisa Bullard

Driver’s Ed

It’s amazing that I passed my driver’s test on the first try, since I can see now that I was a pretty bad driver. But I was an excellent test-taker, and the State of Minnesota sent me home with a score of 96 out of 100. Mere weeks later I backed the family van into […]

Lisa Bullard

On the Lam

Encourage students to drive their imaginations like speeding getaway cars. Before you know it, their stories will be packed with the suspense and tension that conflicts provides.

Lisa Bullard

What a Picture’s Worth

  When I was a kid, a visit from my Texas grandparents guaranteed horizon-expanding experiences. For one thing, we were exposed to food choices not common to our little house in Minnesota’s north woods. I’m not talking about chili—my Texan father cooked that all the time. I’m talking about Grandma drinking hot Dr. Pepper instead […]

Lisa Bullard

Traveling Like a Rock Star

I may not have to fight off paparazzi like a movie star, but I’m still spy-worthy when my knickers are down. And roadies don’t load my car, but oftentimes I feel like a rock star before the day of a school visit is over.

Lisa Bullard


My favorite road trips focus more on the discoveries the journey holds than on rapidly reaching a destination. You might call me a moseying kind of person. Every fall, my mom and I load my nephews and niece into the car for one of my favorite meanders: a visit to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. In […]

Lisa Bullard

Secret Destination

If I hadn’t made the trip myself, I don’t think I would believe how quickly you can travel from the curious world of the Las Vegas Strip to what seems to be its diametrical opposite: the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Red Rock is composed of desert and rock formations, the kind of place […]

Lisa Bullard

The Quest

My one visit to Hawaii might best be defined by an afternoon quest. I was there to say goodbye to my cousin, who was coming to the end of her battle with cancer. I discovered she had developed a singular ambition: to find a pair of size 11 ruby slippers. She took great pleasure in […]

Lisa Bullard

Treasure Hunt

One of my favorite road-trip memories is “mud-puddling” in western North Carolina. We had followed signs that lured us in with the promise of gemstones practically free for the taking. The space we wandered into looked like a roadside picnic area, and seemed ideal for the kind of lazy afternoon we had in mind. We each purchased buckets […]